hello, I am

Mark McClusky

A product builder, strategist, and tinker-er

After learning how technology platforms are designed, developed, and deployed - I developed a knack for product management

I lead product teams that build customer first experiences

+$1 billion in annual team revenue
+$25 million in annual team spend
6 continents of professional & personal working experience
12 teams, 4 portfolios led through agile transformation

UX Strategy
I curated a 5 year pipeline of online to offline experiences for Amway’s house of brands

A video game teaching kids about healthy habits
A master brand industry differentiator through webAR
A healthy chat-bot teaching others about the power of choices
A beauty toolkit enabling zero-cost sampling and recommendations
A simple weight loss solution supporting sustained behaviors

Tinker-ingPersonally inspired by a general sense of curiosity, emerging technologies, and experiments

Musically inclined in 3 instruments, dabbling in a few more
Handcrafted restoration of antique wood furniture
Constructions projects include a deck, pergola, playhouse, and swing set
Horse racing algorigthms predicting with +97% reliability
Exited forex trading after volatile wins and losses

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